Dual Use

One swab for cleaning!

One for correcting makeup! 

Our swabs can be used for so much more! 


Hey! Just got my Naked Swab and I really like it! It's smooth and easier to use compare to a regular q-tip! I'd rate it a 5 star! Keep up the good work! 

Aaron Z.

I had my company Christmas party last week and I got my very first Naked Swab! Honestly, I was surprised these things existed.

I really liked how satisfying and good it felt. Didn't really see the difference with a regular q-tip except this is helping the planet

Cj H.

Just like straws, Q-tips are also just as bad as the environment.

This is such a wonderful thing!

I talk a lot about sustainability all the time and being able to reuse a something like a Q-tip is actually a very big thing!


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